Charlie Tu detained in “Food for Food” Scandal

By schnufflesalphonse

CHICAGO (AP) — Brooklyn foodie Charlie Tu was detained by federal authorities this morning on charges that he conspired to sell or trade a sandwich left uneaten by his friend to the highest bidder.

A 7.6-page FBI affidavit said the Seattle native was heard on wiretap discussing the sandwich:  “[if] they’re not going to offer me anything of value — a pizza, some nuggets, a bigger sandwich — I might as well eat it. YOU HEAR ME, motherf*$@er?!  If I don’t get what I want, then I’ll just take that sammy myself.”’

The sandwich in question, a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll or BEC, was purchased from a bodega and given to Tu for safe-keeping.  According to the affidavit filed Tuesday morning at a Subway restaurant, Tu approached several candidates about exchanging the sandwich for ramen, pure salt, a pizza or McDonald’s entire dollar menu. (One in particular, a so-called Candidate #5 was said to be interested.)

Tu was to appear later today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Nan Nolan to answer the charges. The time was not immediately set.

asianjailCharlie’s too pretty to go to jail.  Free!

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