Extra Everything For Fashion

By gambypants

Do you know how many models and fashion experts are roaming free around Manhattan these days? Crap Loads. It’s their week, New York, and they only get one until they zip back to planet Wintour to feed on linens and things. To commemorate all things major Charlie Tu upgraded his usual breakfast egg sandwich (read Contempo Casuals) with extra cheddar cheese (read DIOR) and took the metro to work with the working models. (They all crash at his “place” in Williamsburg.) Oh and while all this is happening, we celebrate the anniversary of  9/11! ¿Quoi?

flatiron lost

Do you see where Charlie Tu left his flatiron?


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2 Responses to “Extra Everything For Fashion”

  1. DirtWillie Says:

    umm, where is this and how do I get in?

  2. Jon Says:

    i’d let the models sleep at my place ^_^

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