Me So Racist

By schnufflesalphonse

Charlie discovered yet another reason to look in the mirror and cry:  a comic strip that ran in newspapers nationwide from the 1920s to the 1980s starring a fortune-cookie-spouting ethnic stereotype named Ching Chow. Mr. Ching was based on Charlie’s great-grandfather, an immigrant whose calligraphy skills secured him a modest job as an assistant colorist at the Himmler comic syndicate in Chicago.

According to unsubstantiated family lore, Charlie’s grandfather submitted a proposal for an illustrated version of the Tao Te Ching, a sacred 1,500-year-old text that forms the basis for several religions.  His white employer was so taken with the proposal that he commissioned instead a white man with little talent and even less imagination to take up his pen to convey the true Chinese experience.  Hence, Ching Chow:

ChingChowDoesn’t this just perfectly communicate the wisdom and mystery of our fine Oriental brothers?

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    You are the funniest Celestial I know!

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